Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013 RTW

Most of all, she appeared to be out to tackle conceptual cutting (with a big nineties C)—experimentation in abstract shape that never sits well with her usual modus operandi of surface decoration and storytelling.One is that Katrantzou has developed an extensive line of commercial options that she sells alongside her runway collection—so there will be simpler, wearable shirts, dresses, jackets, and knits on offer in her showroom. The other is, whether or not her efforts to stretch herself this season were successful—they do demonstrate her courage and daring. Young designers—all good designers, actually—need to be able to take risks. Perhaps this season will prove to be a creative stepping stone to something stronger next time. Katrantzou, after all, has only been in business five years, and despite the fact that she has built up a global clientele, it’s healthy that she still wants to push herself to learn. I really adore her collection.

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