Alexander Wang Fall 2013

Woman should be more strong, quite classy and somehow very serious this fall.
Wang creations are really unusual and very strange. Some sort of fur and leather is not new but when you watching his collection you notice that this fabric things are really amazing and unbelievable modern.
This fall at Alexander's show was quite surprised me because when I am watching collection I realized
 that Wang is genius. when Wang switched his typical bodycon silhouette for something softer and tapering, like the drop-waist coats secured with intricately wrapped belts, they looked as straightforwardly comfortable as the athletic hoodies he was making a few years back. All of this came colored the same no-nonsense shades and tones—grays, whites, blacks rich with texture—that Wang and plenty of his peers are seeing for this coming fall. To be more right , I can't found more words to write about.

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